Thursday, 15 October 2015

Funworld Production : Earn By Part Time Work Just By Fill Forms

Funworld Production Pvt. Ltd. is managed by a qualified team of professionals drawn from different industries and cultures. The company has assembled a world-class management team with proven experience in Finance, Banking, Human Resources, IT services and BPO service management industries. The members of our executive team have an extensive base of experience in their respective industry. They have held senior positions previously and have a universal vision of structuring management solutions to solve a business plan and make available a quantifiable return on investment for various clients and organizations.


Data Entry and work from home Noida undertakes to deliver high levels of satisfaction by providing outstanding services, which span areas related to data entry, conversion, keyboarding, data capturing, coding, typesetting, document scanning and indexing. By entrusting your data entry and processing works to us, you have the added advantage of lower overheads and you can focus more on what is really important for you. 


  1. Amazing today I got my salary from Funworld Production Pvt.Ltd and I cant believe that I have got 14000 only in just 26 days amazing and now I have got new way of earning from home and no need to go in any office. Thank you very much Funworld Production

  2. Funworld Production Pvt. Ltd. is a great place to work. There are intelligent, ambitious and motivated people are working here. I see personal and professional
    growth here. The work environment is fun and it is really very exciting to be a part of such fast growing organization.

  3. I am working here for past four months and enjoying the work culture. This is a cool start up . The policies are good and employee-friendly.
    Chances of growth are very high. The web services provided by them are brilliant. I rate it 5 out of 5.

  4. I am a student and I was looking for an opportunity that could provide me sufficient money to do my regular work and also to improve my pocket money.
    I came to know about the Funworld Production Private Limited, a Noida based company.
    I was enthralled by their home based Form-Filling work and that’s why I bought an id for me.
    It has been 4 months since then and I am enjoying a good time with my part time work.
    After my school, I do 5-6 hours of work and that earns me a good sum to meet my monthly expenses

  5. it carefully before signing up. Till now I have been getting my payments on time via NEFT or some time I visit their office and take cash at same point. So, according to me they are proper legal company

  6. Hello, This is Shilpi sharma from dehradun, I have been working with funworld Production Private Limited for about a 6 months. I was searching something
    and found this. so, thought I should also reply. I have also also paid the association fees at the time signing up an agreement and also have a proof that they
    refunded back the association fees as per my contract. I have consecutive 5 payment undertaking letter from them with a proof of statement which show that
    funworld Production Private Limited Paying the money. Moreover I found so many companies they charge the money and after that don't pick up the call but seriously first
    time i have came across with such kind of company who make the call from their end for any update before I call them.

  7. fucking bastards.. doing fraud.. the pay no money instead they loot and they make the work more harder for you

  8. Yesterday i got my salary from
    funworld proudction this is genuine work and its a registered company by MCA.

  9. Fun world production Pvt. Ltd- If you are looking the part time jobs online or offline to earn the extra money then i will suggest to you Fun world production Pvt. Ltd is the best option for you

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